The Recommended Treatments for Sciatica & DDD

If you currently suffer from sciatica or degenerative disc disease (DDD), or you know someone who does, what I’m about to say will not cause you any surprise. Degenerative Disc Disease causes its victims to suffer extreme discomfort and often excruciating pain. This is an ailment that hurts … hurts … and hurts almost to the point where it becomes unbearable.

Let’s face it: we’ve all heard how difficult it is for people to withstand the almost-constant pain associated with back problems. It can be difficult to get into bed at night … even more difficult to get out of bed the next morning. Misery is a constant companion for sufferers of back pain.

And back pain is one of the primary symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease. Neck pain is a secondary, though equally important, concern. Generally, but not always, people who suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease tend to be older.  The root causes of the ailment are related to extreme physical activity, such as long term heavy lifting … to cigarette smoking (and inhaling, of course) … to obesity … and to a few other health factors. Many of these causes take effect over the course of many years. And that is why Degenerative Disc Disease is an ailment associated with age.

But, and this is a big but, you don’t have to be beyond age 50 or 60 to become a victim of this painful and debilitating ailment. Younger people occasionally become victimized, as well. It must be said that Degenerative Disc Disease, left untreated, can literally ruin your life. The continuous back pain can keep you from being a productive member of society, make it difficult, even impossible, to work … to care for your children … to engage in social activities … physical activities … anything.

This “Disease” needs to be controlled in order for you to lead a normal, happy and productive life. And … the “tools” exist for that control to take place. If you suffer from back or neck pain and you believe it is due to Degenerative Disc Disease, arrange to see your personal physician as soon as possible.

If his or her diagnosis confirms what you believe (that you’re suffering from Degenerative Disc Disease), don’t despair. Help is available. In fact, the first option for those afflicted with Degenerative Disc Disease is almost always prescription medication.

The medications are, as you might expect, powerful and might have side effects. But, don’t worry. Your physician will explain all of that to you. What is important is that if you take the medications, as prescribed by your doctor, you should be able to control your back and/or neck pain and lead a normal, happy and fruitful life.

If the prescription drugs don’t work, you still have lots of hope. Surgery is the second option and may result in a “spinal fusion” that will eliminate your pain and discomfort forever. Again, this is a second option.

The first option is always the best and the one you should consider. It avoids surgery and can make your chronic pain disappear.

Stretches to Help with Sciatica