The Use of Surgery to Cure Degenerative Disc Disease

Let’s begin with this premise: Degenerative Disc Disease is painful. If you’re a victim of this ailment (it’s not really a disease), you know – really know – that it hurts … a lot. In fact, if your Degenerative Disc Disease ailment is somewhat advanced, you think of yourself as a chronic sufferer of back or neck pain.

Surely, there are nights when you find it difficult to bend down and slide into bed … mornings when the pain is so severe that you can’t imagine actually lifting yourself out of bed. Pain that bad has to be considered unbearable. It requires treatment and fortunately, when it comes to Degenerative Disc Disease, appropriate treatments exist.

However, before describing the ultimate treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease – it is surgery, of course – let me try to enlighten you about this “disease.” Degenerative Disc Disease is not a disease at all. Instead, it is an age-related ailment in which the discs along your spine have started to wear out … bulge unnaturally … or even break open.

These discs are important because they separate the interlocking bones of your vertebrae and keep your spine healthy, flexible and stable. Your healthy spine enables you to twist, turn, bend, flex – all of the movements you take for granted when you are pain-free. When disc problems arrive and bring pain with them – you experience pure misery.

Generally, when you or anyone else, for that matter, become aware of back or neck pain, you want relief – fast. The best way to get that relief is by making an appointment with your personal physician and keeping it. Your doctor will be familiar with the symptoms that are causing you discomfort and will probably recommend prescription medication as a first step toward alleviating the pain that is making you miserable.

There are lots of powerful medications available and most work very well. But, the real answer to your physical problem rests in the Operating Room of the hospital with which your physician is affiliated. That answer is, of course, surgery.

It should be noted that surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease problems is not unusual. Quite the opposite … it’s very common. In fact, the surgeon you select to make your pain disappear is likely someone who has performed hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of similar Operating Room procedures.

So … what exactly will your surgeon do to end the physical misery that has been plaguing you? Call it Spinal Fusion, because that is exactly what will take place. The end result, which may also include the insertion of synthetic discs, will eliminate the pain and discomfort you feel – forever.

It doesn’t even matter if you are an older person when this surgery takes place. You will feel younger, pain-free, happier … and even more athletic all because you’ve had a spinal fusion that has “fixed” the damaged discs and given you the physical freedom of your youth.

For those who suffer from the pain of Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Fusion surgery is like getting a brand new lease on life.

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