Neck Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease … It can be a Pain in the Neck

Most people who think about Degenerative Disc Disease believe it is only related to back pain. After all, the “Disc” in Degenerative Disc Disease refers to the soft, compressible body parts that separate the interlocking bones of the vertebrae to create the human spine.

Obviously, the discs are in the back and that’s why the vast majority of people, if polled, would say that Degenerative Disc Disease is an issue related strictly to the back … and to back pain. And, guess what … those people who think that would be wrong.

While it is true that Degenerative Disc Disease is frequently a back-pain problem, it is not restricted to that area of the human anatomy. That’s not true at all. In fact, Degenerative Disc Disease actually affects the lower back (lumbar region) and also the neck (cervical area).

Degenerative Disc Disease (which is not an actual disease, but an ailment) results when the discs in the back either bulge unnaturally … begin to deteriorate (age-related) … or even break apart. The pain to the back can be excruciating and debilitating. Depending on the severity, the afflicted individual may find it difficult, even impossible, to do normal, everyday activities, such as getting in or out of bed … or a car … bending to pick something up … or stretching – you get the idea.

The simple, but necessary, act of going to work often becomes little more than “wishful thinking” for the pain sufferer. Clearly, Degenerative Disc Disease and the back pain associated with it is misery to the nth degree. It makes daily life a chore instead of a pleasure. And the pain can stay with you forever … unless you treat it with powerful prescription medication or life-changing surgery.

Now, here’s something you may not know. That “disc” problem, described earlier in this article can also lead to a “severe pain in the neck.” That’s right. Degenerative Disc Disease can result in troubling neck pain (in the cervical area of the neck) that can be every bit as difficult to cope with as extreme back pain.

If the pain reaches your neck, it can cause stiffness that makes it difficult to turn your head without pain so that driving a car becomes risky and even dangerous. And if the stiffness morphs into pain, you are likely to suffer greatly and become bedridden. Neck pain can make your life tedious … tough … trying … and, of course, very painful.

However, neck pain is somewhat less likely to be the end result of a Degenerative Disc Disease. The more likely result is back pain. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. If it does, your physician will be able to help you control the pain and stiffness … with prescription medications that make the pain disappear.

So … if you should suddenly find that you suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease and you are troubled by a terrible “pain in the neck,” take heart. The help you need to alleviate the pain or the stiffness is as close as the office of your personal physician.

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